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Web Learning


This page lists web resources for learning, by site.

For an itemized list of video lectures by subject, see Web Lectures.

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Multiple Subjects

  • MIT OpenCourseWare - Course materials for many courses; some have video.
  • Annenberg's - Numerous materials from K12 to college, including complete video-based programs.
  • - Thousands of video lectures on many topics, especially from European conferences, workshops, and science events etc.
  • Wikiversity - Thousands of learning resources on many topics.
  • Librarian Chick - Huge index of learning resources.
  • GCSE Bitesize @ BBC - Short tutorials and quizzes on high school level subjects.
  • BBC Learning - Video clips and learning materials on many topics.
  • edX - Free courses from MIT, Harvard, and other universities.
  • Coursera - Free courses from a variety of major universities.
  • Khan Academy - Lectures on a variety of topics from Sal Khan.

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Multiple Subjects: Books

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Computer Science

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Quick guides/tutorials

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Please add useful web-based learning resources to this page!

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