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North Carolina


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Homeschooling was officially recognized in North Carolina in 1985, and is recognized as having free and open homeschooling laws. There are several organizations that support it such Homeschool Alliance of North Carolina and North Carolinian's for Home Education.

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Unschooling is legal to a certain extent, as students must have an adult present and they must still receive instructional hours. State laws treat it as homeschooling with several exceptions. NC Unschoolers is the largest state group.

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Emancipation is legal in North Carolina at 16, with good reason and proof of ability to support oneself. Under article 35 of the States Youth Rights, an resident over 16 may file for a court date to emancipate themselves. The judge must decide that the emancipation is in the best interest of the teenager, and that they are able to support themselves with both a job and suitable housing

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