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Jobs Without College


Are there really decent jobs that don't require college? The answer is yes. “Decent” depends a lot on what kind of job you like (or can tolerate) and on what your employer (or client) is like. Some of the more independent jobs require more self-imposed discipline. This is the beginning of a guide to these jobs. This document is is a work-in-progress, and is primarily intended to provide some ideas.

Check out sites like Occupational Outlook Handbook and Payscale to explore more comprehensive lists of jobs and information about them.

Some are easier to get than others. Some require quite a lot of ability or experience before making much money.

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Freelancing via portfolio and word of mouth

Many jobs can be done if you develop skills in an area, create a portfolio or resume of your work, and find customers, clients, or employers who need that skill.

EDIT2 SECTION "Freelancing via portfolio and word of mouth" [761-1125]

Jobs with credentials by exam or short class

This is a list of jobs that one can get based on self-study (or short courses) and getting a credential via exam:

EDIT3 SECTION "Jobs with credentials by exam or short class" [1126-1777]

Traditional "dead-end" jobs

Hey, it's a paycheck. And there are some opportunities to advance to manager if you desire.

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Unionized, municipal, and government jobs

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