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Dealing With Anger


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Dealing with being angry

What do you do when you're so angry with someone that you want to kill them?


I usually dig my nails into my wrists, or attack my punching-bag while listening to the most intense metal I can find. Stress balls work… if they survive.


get the anger out of your system some other way. punching bag is good, like 0bliiVioN said… also, running helps, (i usually went skating), find a place where nobody can see you and just jump around like a crazy person, play violent games and kill imaginary people, listen to angry music (preferably while doing one or more of the above)… personally, i hit the walls/doors too, though that tends to hurt your hand. wouldn't recommend it but hey if it works… basically, do anything physical until you get exhausted and feel more relaxed. if you feel intense rage while the person is still arguing with you, clench your fists really hard and try to ignore them as much as possible, possibly even walk away if it gets that bad.


Controlling your anger is actually quite a beneficial skill, one that I've lacked all my life, might I suggest some sort of meditation to any of you? Meditation is calming and relaxing, very, very useful thing, it is.

Happy Camper

Here are things I tend to do when I get frustrated.

  • <div class="li"> Emo Cutting: I really strongly discourage it because it's lame.

Biting Myself: To cope with not being able to cut. I don't recommend that either.

Dissociating: This was something my unconscious did to enable the other two. It really fucked up my grades in lecture classes. And I could read so well. I don't recommend that.

Small Drinks: Just to help me get to sleep easier. I never have more than a glass or so. Maybe enough to get a little tipsy without getting really stupid and emotional.

Martial Arts: Something to focus all your energy on.

Talking to Pets: I really like this one.

Go Up on the Roof and Think: The view is beautiful and the air fresh. Apparently this is dangerous but it's the best way to get a clear head in my opinion.

Doodle: It's a whole tortured artist thing. If you aren't tone deaf like me, maybe try a musical instrument?

Build Something: Again, lame-sounding. I like simple tasks when I'm emotionally troubled like building, painting something, washing dishes, or reorganizing my room. Cooking is sort of nice too but my idea of cooking doesn't involve much skill.

I hope that helps. I wouldn't even entertain the idea of killing people. It seems like a thought process that could get very addictive and let loose when you feel impulsive.


Talk it out… even if you have to talk to yourself. That makes me feel better EVERY SINGLE TIME!


What I do when I'm angry is either: Breath or just try to ignore it. If you do the latter too much I foresee heart problems in your future by the way.


If someone pisses you off, try to come up with ways to turn it on them, to make them look like someone who should be pitied. Like pretend that you're a psychologist, and you're analyzing their behaviour. Most cases of people acting like they're superior to you can usually be traced to some feelings of inadequacy or insecurity.

I don't mean actually tell them what you're thinking, just do it all in your head to make you laugh at the situation instead of being angry. Though you could probably say it out loud too if you want to piss them off. :P


If you're so angry that you want to kill them, make a plan, and do it!


I have this 2-feet wooden stick and I usually enjoy acting like an insane spartan who is slicing up my enemies on the battlefield. It takes some imagination but I consider it a pretty good anger reliever, especially since you can imagine yourself to be in any time period.(My favorite being a sort of free-for-all in a combination of all the technology eras, from the swords and arrows of the first humans to the laser rifles and lightsabers of a sci-fi)

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Dealing with people that are angry with you

Stay calm. Don't “fight” back, try to figure out how the other person is feeling and prove that you understand what they're saying. You can do this by asking them questions that prove you were listening… example:

Person: “You're such a lazy bum!”<BR> You: “Why do you think I'm a lazy bum? Do you really believe that?”

The point is that angry people tend to calm down if they truly believe that someone is listening to them. Once they're more calm, then you can talk to them and give them your point of view. Doing it while they're angry is just going to result in a competition of who can yell the loudest, and isn't recommended. If that doesn't work, act like Doctor Phil and kind of interview them to see what got them pissed at you in the first place, and then see what you can do to fix it.

Be EXTREMELY and maybe even creepily enthusiastic about their insults. If they retort some way be a cunning smart ass. It always worked for me.-LostProphet

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