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3 Simple Reasons Why Compulsory Schooling Is Bad

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Crazy Things That Schools Have Caused

These are actual news articles.

Exhausted honour student shown no mercy and jailed for truancy

Texas schools to begin tracking students with IDs embedded with RFID chips

Student Commits Suicide After Months Of Bullying

Student banned from prom because of toy gun

Chinese pupils hooked up to IV drips to keep them going while studying for exams

Virginia High School Teacher, Arrested For Lining Up Students, Firing Blank Gun Shots

Tennessee now wants to punish sex ed teachers for speaking positively about kissing

State Inspectors Searching Children's Lunch Boxes: "This Isn't China, Is It?"

Not techically school-related, but still very much ageist and disturbing: Girl Arrested For Swearing Whilst Talking With A 911 Operator To Help Dying Father

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