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Self Tuition for NSW

Self-tution students are those that take the HSC courses without having attended school or TAFE in the year of HSC examinations or after 30th June of that year.

The marks achieved in the HSC examinations are listed as the overall subject mark. These marks are used to calculate the UAI.

Basically, if you do self-tuition, you can get a UAI without going to school or tafe.

You can get all the information you need here

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Doing the HSC at TAFE in NSW

You can study the HSC through TAFE.

Taken from :

'''In TAFE NSW, you can study the HSC in a variety of ways:

One-year, full-time: Because it covers work normally done in two school years, this program is very intensive and requires a large time commitment for both class attendance and private study.

Two-year, full-time: In this program, students study a minimum of 12 units in the preliminary year and 10 units in the HSC year.

One-year, reduced: This program is designed for people aged 20 or over (on March 1 of the HSC year) who need only one or two subjects for work purposes or who want to apply for mature-age entry to university. Students must complete between 5 – 9 units of HSC Board Developed courses (including an English course) to be eligible for the limited UAI.

Accumulating program: The HSC can be completed over a 5 year period. This enables students to study part time. This program is suitable for students who are working, have family or other commitments or for students who only wish to repeat a few subjects from a previous attempt (within the 5 year limit).

Open Training and Education Network and Distance Education (OTEN–DE): This open learning program is ideal for those who, either because of isolated geographic location or personal circumstances, are unable to attend regular classes.'''

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How Can I Leave High School Early In Australia?

Look around there for a uni or something that lets you use a TAFE course as credit, and doesn't require VCE to get into the TAFE course.

In VIC you can do a TAFE course at RMIT and literally skip year 11 and 12 and then move onto a bachelors degree after the TAFE course.

I know that because I myself got into the CS TAFE course there. It's 2 years full time. It also counts for one and a half or two years credit on a bachelors degree, depending on marks, and the degree.


I only don't know if any others do it. Also I don't mean do year 11 and 12 at TAFE… I mean do a TAFE course like Advanced Diploma of Computer Science. I got into that course after I finished year 10…I have never attended a year 11 class.

The requirements for the course to be able to be used to skip year 11 and 12 are basically…

<blockquote> Don't need a HSC to get in.

<pre class="code"> It can count for credit towards a higher ed course (something someone with a HSC would get into)</blockquote></pre>

That's about it.

Also, the way it skipped two years…Advanced Diploma of Computer Science, takes 2 years to complete. It gets who ever completed it (and passed) into a Bachelors Degree of Computer Science, or something in the same field, and counts for 2 years credit in said bachelors degree. So, someone with a HSC would take 3 years to do the bachelors degree. Someone with the ADCS would take 1 year. So, I would be quite literally skipping two years of school (11 and 12) by doing it. You'd be skipping year 12 if you find one…

You can of course just do year 11 and 12 in TAFE in you want.


EDIT5 SECTION "How Can I Leave High School Early In Australia?" [2519-4230]

Get a UAI without going to school

(copied from here)

Self-tuition students are those who undertake Higher School Certificate courses without having:

  • <div class="li"> attended a school/TAFE institute in year of Higher School Certificate examinations or after 30th June of that year

having completed an internal component at a school/TAFE institute

achieved preliminary qualifications for chosen subjects prior to Higher School Certificate examinations

Self-tuition students sit the Higher School Certificate examinations with the marks achieved in the examinations being listed as their overall subject mark. These marks are used for the calculation of the UAI.

e.g. if a student achieved 93 in the Higher School Certificate Geography exam as a self-tuition student, their final Geography mark would be 93 and would be used in calculating their UAI. if a student sat the Higher School Certificate at a school and achieved 93 in the Geography exam and 85 as their school assessment mark, their final Geography mark would be moderated and used to calculate their UAI.

n.b. an internal school assessment mark is not required in achieving a UAI as a self-tuition student. Available subjects are open to all students of self-tuition.

Self-tuition students need to be aware of the following information

New South Wales students not attending a government school, a school accredited by the Board, a TAFE institute or a school outside NSW recognised by the Board, may study Higher School Certificate courses by self-tuition.

Candidates studying by self-tuition may study an unlimited number of units. They are not eligible for the award of the Higher School Certificate or Record of Achievement but are eligible for a Higher School Certificate Result Notice. Their results may be used for the calculation of the UAI.

Each candidate studying by self-tuition must complete an entry form correctly and ensure it is returned to the Board of Studies by 30 June. Changes to entries must be advised by letter, and addressed to Student Records at the Board of Studies.

Candidates studying by self-tuition are personally responsible for obtaining copies of the syllabus, support materials, texts and other references relevant to their chosen studies.

Candidates studying by self-tuition do not have to complete HSC assessment tasks and their Result Notice will record only their examination mark(s).

It is the responsibility of candidates studying by self-tuition to ensure that they access an HSC examination timetable. These may be obtained from the Office of the Board of Studies. No allowance will be made for candidates who do not attend an examination session because they have misread the timetable.

Candidates studying by self-tuition cannot submit an illness/misadventure/appeal.

Approval of applications is also subject to the availability of Board approved security provisions for the conduct of examinations and the student’s ability to comply with requirements for the conduct of examinations.

Candidates studying by self-tuition are subject to the instructions of the Board’s supervisors and school authorities at their examination centres.

Copies of the list of equipment for examinations will be posted to each candidate.

Candidates studying by self-tuition and presenting for HSC courses must have been resident in Australia for at least 17 months prior to 30th June of HSC year, unless otherwise approved by the Board.

Candidates studying by self-tuition who do not reside in NSW will be required to pay examination fees.

Course available for study by self-tuition

Ancient History

Business Studies


Engineering Studies

English (Standard)

English (Advanced)

English as a Second Language (subject to eligibility)

English Extension 1

General Mathematics


Information Processes and Technology

Languages (all courses, subject to availability)

Legal Studies


Mathematics Extension 1

Mathematics Extension 2

Modern History

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Software Design and Development

Studies of Religion I and II

Since English as a Second Language (ESL) and some Languages courses have eligibility requirements, students undertaking these courses by self-tuition must provide a signed statutory declaration, witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, stating that the student meets the eligibility requirements for these courses. This applies to the following Languages courses: all Beginner courses, and Continuers courses where there are also Background Speakers courses, ie Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese and Korean.

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