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! %block class="sectionedit1" id="advice"% Advice
(:div class="level1":)

%comment%  EDIT1 SECTION "Advice" [1-22]  %%

!! %block class="sectionedit2" id="life"% Life
(:div class="level2":)
What Should I Do If I Am Considering Suicide? - %rel="nofollow"%[[Path:/w/depression-and-suicide|Depression and Suicide]]

How Can I Deal With Depression? - %rel="nofollow"%[[Path:/w/depression-and-suicide|Depression and Suicide]]

What do you do when you're so angry with someone that you want to kill them? - %rel="nofollow"%[[Path:/w/dealing-with-anger|Dealing with Anger]]

Dealing with people that are angry with you - %rel="nofollow"%[[Path:/w/dealing-with-anger|Dealing with Anger]]

What Should I Do If I Am Afraid To Disappoint My Parents? - %rel="nofollow"%[[Path:/w/parents-and-disappointment|Parents and Disappointment]]

How do you find out what you want and what you're good at, and is education the only way to find a good job and live a good life? - %rel="nofollow"%[[Path:/w/finding-out-what-you-re-good-at|Finding out what you're good at]]

How to find out what you're interested in - %rel="nofollow"%[[Path:/w/finding-out-what-you-re-good-at|Finding out what you're good at]]

Where Can I Find A Job That Doesn't Suck? - %rel="nofollow"%[[Path:/w/jobs-that-don-t-suck|Jobs that don't suck]]

%comment%  EDIT2 SECTION "Life" [23-760]  %%

!! %block class="sectionedit3" id="school-alternatives"% School Alternatives
(:div class="level2":)
Should I Drop Out Of School? - %rel="nofollow"%[[Path:/w/dropping-out-of-school|Dropping out of School]]

How Do I Drop Out Of School? - %rel="nofollow"%[[Path:/w/dropping-out-of-school|Dropping out of School]]

Where Will I Learn Social Skills Outside of School? - %rel="nofollow"%[[Path:/w/social-skills-outside-school|Social skills outside school]]

Convincing your parents or legal guardian to consider alternative schooling - %rel="nofollow"%[[Path:/w/convincing-parents|Convincing Parents]]

%comment%  EDIT3 SECTION "School Alternatives" [761-1098]  %%

!! %block class="sectionedit4" id="school"% School
(:div class="level2":)
How Can I Stop Bullies From Bothering Me? - %rel="nofollow"%[[Path:/w/bullying-in-school|Bullying in school]]

How Do You Show Fellow Students How Stupid School Really Is? - %rel="nofollow"%[[Path:/w/showing-people-that-school-is-stupid|Showing people that school is stupid]]

%comment%  EDIT4 SECTION "School" [1099-]  %%
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