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Survival Kit


  • Try not to yell at a teacher, no matter how angry you are. If you yell, they'll just have an excuse to say you're immature. Stay calm while they yell :)
  • Don't pick on every teacher just because they're a teacher, be nice to the nice teachers.
  • Don't break stuff or hurt people. Click for reasons why.

How to Survive

(insert stuff about managing emotions/parents etc here)

How to Change Things

How to organize a student revolution A very tactical walkout/protest guide written by experienced organizer, Jeremy Hammond of

Other Articles

Troubled Teen Camps? - How to NOT get sent to a behaviour modification school If your parents are misinformed or crazy enough, if you're not careful, they might consider sending you to a Boot Camp if they think you're "troubled" or something. Click the link to find out more about boot camps, and how to avoid being sent to one.

How to be a good teacher I asked visitors to this site to submit what they think makes a good teacher. This guide was compiled from what they said.

How to make a good resume How to write a good resume or CV, especially if you have no college experience. Also proves how much school lies about things.

Links & Information Sources

People Skills & Communication

  • Dealing With Difficult People - How do you deal with difficult, irrational, or abusive people, especially those in positions of authority who have some degree of control over your life?
  • Dealing With Difficult Relatives - Aimed at adults with the power to legally walk away from their parents, but maybe some ideas can be adapted?
  • Emotional Literacy - How to talk about your feelings and avoid making people get defensive.

Dealing with Feelings

General Personal Growth Resources

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